Alcohol & Your Waistline

It’s summertime. A season when some of us lean toward less gym time and more happy hours. Not a good recipe for staying in shape though. Did you know that alcohol itself has calories? I know it seems like a silly question, but it never occurred to me until college (nutrition 101, not the freshman 15). Yes, we know about sugary cocktails and carb-heavy beers, but I’m talking about the common denominator in all adult beverages: alcohol. It has calories– 7 per gram to be exact. So the next time you’re looking for a low-cal drink, start with the the source. I found a good article here that breaks down the calories in liquor depending on the proof. The higher the proof the higher the calories.

Read on for more alcohol FYI and tips for maintaining your figure while being a summer socialite!

We’ve all heard that there are health benefits of drinking alcohol.  Whether it’s beer, wine, or liquor, there is research that shows that moderation is healthy. For women, the recommended limit is one drink a day, for men two. Any more than that and you’re likely to see your waistline expand.

After all, do you know what your body does with alcohol? Since it can’t use it for energy, and it can’t be stored, it has to be burned asap. So when over-consumed, any non-alcoholic calories being taken in are immediately sent to storage (aka converted to fat) until the alcohol is burned up.

Healthy Tips
If you find yourself hitting the gym less this summer and the nearest patio more, go easy on the cocktails. Try ordering a water along with your drink, choose drinks with less sugar, or substitute for a “mocktail”. Most of all, enjoy being out in the sun and on vacation without packing on the pounds. It is after all still bikini season!

What’s your favorite summer drink? I’d love the recipe.

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