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A Night to Myself

A night to myself… in the kitchen of course. I find that my new life in Nashville leaves little time for solitaire cooking. And as much as I love my soon-to-be husband, nothing inspires my inner-blogger like a little me time. I left my office tonight practically skipping to the grocery store to stock up on supplies for dinner. Over lunch I had been scrolling through my Facebook news feed and came across a recipe I’d been waiting for.. Polenta with Pepperonata. If you’re like me you subscribe to all kinds of foodie Facebook pages for regular culinary inspiration. I am never without a new recipe to try. This came from Herbivoracious Click the link for recipe. Its a rich sauce made of caramelized onions and roasted red bell peppers over a bowl of savory polenta (aka grits). I added grilled chicken for a well-balanced meal.

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