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Tequilla Lime Chicken Fettuccine

Inspiration alas. After 6 weeks away from WordPress I felt like I didn’t know where to start. The post-graduation self-pampering, indulging, spoiling, lounging, and other frivolous ways I’ve found to waste time has been quite nice.. but then suddenly I was ready to get back to being me.

For those who don’t know, I’m excited to say that I’m working with Jackie Newgent RD on her upcoming cookbook. And although I am sworn to secrecy regarding any decadent details.. I would love to share this Tequilla Lime Chicken Fettuccine recipe from her previous book, The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook.. which by the way is fabulous even if you don’t have diabetes.

Since me and pasta go together like peanut butter & jelly, this recipe had my name written all over it. I’d like to think that marinara sauce isn’t the only way to enjoy noodles, and this spicy Mexican twist on an Italian classic was brilliant. Not to mention simple. I had dinner prepped, cooked, and (photographed) in 30 minutes.

Tequilla Lime Chicken Fettuccine
8 oz whole wheat fettuccine
1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 T extra virgin olive oil
1 red onion
1 jalapeno
1/3 cup chicken broth
2 limes
1/4 cup Parmigiana-Reggiano cheese
1/4 cup fat-free milk
1/4 cup chopped cilantro

Okay, so there’s not actually tequilla in my recipe. I cheated. Chicken broth with a little extra lime was Jackie’s suggestion for a substitution. Great if you don’t want to buy a whole bottle of tequilla for for 1/4 cup. Now if it were wine..

Saute the chicken, onion and jalapeno in the olive oil for 10 minutes. Add juice of one lime and the chicken broth. Cook until the chicken absorbs all the liquid. Add cooked pasta, cheese, milk, and juice from second lime. Cook until liquid evaporates. Remove from heat and top with cilantro. Eat, savor and enjoy.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy pasta?


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Celebrate. Cake Batter Truffles.

Starbucks calls them “cake pops”. I call them cake batter truffles. Who doesn’t love cake batter? And truffles? Case in point. I got the idea from Bakerella before ever seeing these amazing little morsels at Starbucks. And since dessert is my favorite meal of the day.. They pretty much changed my life. What was the occasion?? Well forget that my birthday just passed. I finally graduated!!! So. Excited. After three years of total nutrition immersion, I’m finally rejoining the world, and as a nutrition profession. Aahh, not quite the same ring as “RD” but I’m working on it.

For friends and family who are wondering where I’m scampering off too.. nowhere! I’m committed to staying in Seattle at least until applying for my dietetic internship next fall. I got an apartment. Decorated. Furnished it. And now I can cook, sing, eat, drink, and be merry all the days of my life. 🙂 I hope its as nice as it sounds. Wait, it will be. There will be no more lymphoma case studies, vitamin D research papers, or class presentations to prepare for. Its me time. How satisfying.

And an update on how my first week of “me time” went..

  • Spent all last weekend with my grandparents. No homework. Guilt-free.
  • Monday night cooked dinner with my sweetie
  • Tuesday night I caught up on my cooking magazines and finally cracked my latest cookbook: My Calabria. I’ve been dying to curl up with a blanket, glass of wine, and this book. It takes me back to Italy (and I assure you I had sweet dreams after falling asleep with it)
  • Wednesday I took a bubble bath, gave myself a pedicure and watched an entire season of Jamie Oliver
  • And last night I rolled out pasta. I wasn’t hungry. Didn’t eat. Just felt like kneading, singing, and making pretty shapes. 🙂

I am so excited to to rejoin the bloggy network! Oh how I’ve missed reading and writing about kitchen adventures, mishaps, and ingenious moments. Today I’m off to island explore. Praying for sunshine. I’ll report back soon. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!  🙂


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