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Acai, Chia & Hemp.. What Gives?

I was in Whole Foods this week oogling organics and buying wine when.. I got to the healthfood section. I love how it’s strategically placed front and center in the store rather than tucked back near the pharmacy. I mean, it’s not like you want to find foot cream next to the flax seed you intend on sprinkling in your oats tomorrow morning.  So as usual when I’m in Whole Foods, my curiosity got the best of me. Before I knew it, 30 minutes had gone by and I had handled just about every acai, chai and hemp product on the shelf. My question, what’s the novelty here? Even as a nutrition and dietetic student I really haven’t heard too much about these super nutrients. So while I was educating myself on what nutrition professionals and the American Dietetic Association say about these products, allow me to pass along my new found knowledge..

Acai Berries come from acai palm trees grown in Central and South America. They are rich in antioxidants and other healthy nutrients, but according to the ADA there is no scientific research supporting claims that they are a “superfood”. Their health benefits are comparable to those from other fruits and vegetables. Nutrition professionals recommend consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to benefit from natural antioxidants and good nutrition, but not necessarily acai. Personally, if I’m going to splurge on antioxidant superfoods I’d rather buy local, organic produce than berry juice, but to each their own. If you are consuming acai, it’s important to still be getting plenty of other fruits and veggies in each day.

Chia Seeds, another South American native, have recently become popular because of their Omega-3 fatty acids. They also have fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Some studies have shown chia seeds to lower heart disease factors like cholesterol, blood pressure. However there has not been extensive research. The truth is, ALA is a form of Omega-3 that the body is not very efficient at converting (like flax and other plant sources). So most of it gets flushed, but still the fiber is still beneficial. If your primary interest in chia is Omega-3’s it would be better to eat fish twice a week, which meets USDA recommendations for Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish contains the EPA and DHA type omega-3 fatty acids which are ready for absorption. Omegas are a great antiinflammatory, good for brain function, heart health, blood pressure, depression… so many reasons to meet your needs. If you just really like chia seeds. Great! Keep at it. With fiber, protein and antioxidant power you can’t go wrong, but eat your fish too. 🙂

Hemp Seeds are actually a nut I discovered. They contain all the essential amino acids and are a great source of healthy fats. That’s good news for anyone living by a vegetarian/vegan diet. They are also high in fiber, tons of vitamins, minerals. Everything I read was positive. This is definitely something everyone could add to thier diet, but like nuts, you don’t want to get carried away. Just a sprinkle a day..

I hope that information was helpful. Getting sound nutrition advice can be complicated. There is so much conflicting information out there, and everyone who has the internet claims to be the expert. That’s why I find it so important to go to the American Dietetic Association for solid facts. If you don’t know, ask a dietitian! Well have a happy Thursday..


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Saveur Magazine & Spicy Lamb Stew

And I do mean spicy!! So I have a confession to make. This may come as a surprise, but I am a cooking magazine junkie connoisseur of exquisitely written recipes and culinary eye candy. It’s my thing. Over the weekend I was helping a friend move a bed when I discovered a stack of Saveur magazines in her garage. Oh yes, that was the end of me helping with the move. I found myself shoes off and feet up surrounded by pages of mouth-watering goodness. What could be better, right? The first magazine I opened I instantly flipped to an eight page article, “In Deepest Italy”. It was all about food in the southern region of Basilicata, with a photo of Matera. Before I knew it was Matera all I could think was “I have to go there”, and then I realized I’ve already been there. Well now I want to go again! It’s charming, romantic and without another english speaking soul (which is delightfully frustrating to be honest). But that’s when I knew.. I knew I was going to have to subscribe to Saveur. It doesn’t matter how many cooking magazines I subscribe to, or how long it takes me to get through all of them. Its my thing, and therefore I must have it.

As I read this article I found myself wanting to sit and share a bottle of wine with the journalist. This New Yorker understands Italy the same way that I do! Yes, the food really is all that, but it’s so much more than food. It’s the meaning behind it; the way history is told, traditions are rendered, and families bound. It’s the intoxicating aromas and boisterous gatherings that make Italian food culture different than any other place on earth. Its captivating. Francise Prose said  “what I like about Italian food is its confident simplicity, the cooks’ intensely personal, multigenerational, positively spiritual relationship with good local ingredients.. It’s slow food for sure, except that it has never been fast”.

Okaaaaaay, don’t get me started on slow food or I’ll never stop, but in a final word, slow food is a movement that I whole-heartedly support. There. I said it. Now on to dinner. In this gold mine of a magazine I found a recipe for Pignata di Agnello (aahem, lamb stew). It would be absolutely divine just as it is, however, I did make a couple changes to the recipe for the sake of cutting fat. Fat, not flavor mind you.

Pignata di Agnello (adapted from Saveur magazine, May 2009 issue)
1 1/2 lbs 3 lbs boneless, trimmed lamb shoulder, cut into 2″ cubes
2 lbs red potatoes, cut into 2″ cubes
5 oz pecorino cheese, shavings
1 can cannellini beans
1/4 lb spicy salami, cut into 1/4″ cubes
1 T 2 tsp crushed red chile flakes
4 sprigs thyme (or 8… no harm done)
2 carrots, peeled and cut 1/4″ thickness
1 onion, chopped
2 ribs celery, chopped
1/2 head curly endive or escarole, chopped
2 dried red chili peppers

First off, I wanted to keep the authenticity of a Basilicata dish by making it spicy (I omitted the salami for the sake of getting into my skinny jeans tomorrow), but that’s why I amped up the chili heat. True southern Italian cooking is all about the peppers, but forewarning, this stew was hot. Maybe try half the heat if you have a low tolerance for spicy foods. Toss all the ingredients into a dutch oven, add 2 1/4 cups water, and bake for 2 1/2 hours on 325F, or until the meat and potatoes are falling apart. Mmmm… the house smelled like fall in no time. It was perfect for Monday Night Football at home with my bestie.

Well I loved hearing about all the things you look forward to in the fall! Pumpkin seems to be a favorite. So tell me, what’s your favorite way to use pumpkin? I crave pumpkin butter in my oats in the fall. Its delish with a dash of cinnamon, or creamy pumpkin soup, pumpkin filled ravioli.. the list could go on and on. Can’t wait to be inspired by some of your favorite concoctions..


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Back to the Gym

Is it just me or is fall upon us? I’ve been subconsciously making the adjustment this week. You know its coming when you’d rather open a bottle of wine and have the girls over, than get dressed up and sit out on a patio. Oor when pumpkin soup and crock pot stews sound sooo much more appealing than a barbeque spread. Maybe it’s just because Seattle weather has turned a bit chilly, 69F is the high for our upcoming forecast, with Sunday 63F and rainy.

Another indication that I’m adjusting to fall, I finally drug myself to the gym this week… twice! I know that sounds lame, but allow me to explain. Marathon training equals a lot of outside miles logged. The last thing I want to do this summer is run my tush off and then go lift weights. Blah. I would have one hot bod, and no life. I realize that may work for some people, but not I. 😉 In the winter time (aka off-marathon season) my weekly mileage drops from 50 to 30-40ish. And shorter hours of daylight means more runs at my beloved fitness center. While I’m there, heck, I might as well do some weight training.

SO, the last two nights I’ve gotten a good sweat sesh. Two comments, first, I ran into 3 gym rats friends, and it made me miss “the scene”. Sometimes I look forward to the gym because I know it might be the only socializing I get all day. Spin class? Well it’s hard core, but I’ll do it to meet up with the girls. Kick-boxing? I have such bad rythm that I look more like I’m swinging at my tail, but again I’ll go if it means hanging out. Zumba? No. I draw the line. I will not intentionally join a dance class with a glass wall and entertained gym-goers on the other side. Someone could get hurt. Obviously me, but I’m more concerned about the people outside who are so distracted that they fall off the treadmill. I would hate to be resposible for that. And then there are times when I just want to duck in, stay in the zone, and sneak out quietly. I’m sure everyone has that kinda day.

Second mention, I have a stack of Oxygen magazines that haven’t read this summer because I only read to pass the time on the treadmill. I’m halfway through the August issue after 1 night and all I gotta say is, I love that magazine. Not to discredit other fitness magazines, but as a nutrition professional and a passionate foodie/fitness gal, it has the most real content. I don’t buy Vogue for a reason. I hate fashion. So I don’t want a health mag that devotes half its articles to clothes and makeup. I know how to dress myself. I want healthy living tips. The nutrition information in Oxygen is right on. I personally know 2 Registered Dietitians that are frequently quoted in the mag. So if you are looking for healthy, fit role models and a magazine with sound nutrition advice I recommend it.

With that, I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Labor Day is just around the corner.. as is football season!! Have you felt yourself getting into fall mode? What is it about autumn that you look forward to the most? For me its football, the smell of rain, Sundays in sweats and sleeping to sound of outside drizzle, cooking at home with the girls, spending Friday nights watching movies. It won’t be long..


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    Wild Rice Summer Salad

    Finally hump day, and Seattle is cooling off to the 70s now, so summer salad may be more appropriate where you are. 🙂 I’m thinking soup. Yes, soup would be mighty fine today. BUT, I do like me a good wild rice dish. It is so versatile. I love the earthy flavor of wild rice, and the way it can compliment just about any dish. Great hot or cold, it makes a fabulous summer salad. Plus it is absolutely bursting with good-for-you nutrients! A couple other fun facts I learned at The Heritage Cook, wild rice is the state grain of Minnesota. Yes, indeed. Does your state have a grain? I don’t believe Washington does, but according to Wikipedia we have a state muffin! Blueberry in fact. Guess I better represent. Muffin time. Ahem, back to wild rice salad. It’s good and good for you. Try this recipe over a bed of greens or as a side dish with grilled chicken or fish.

    Wild Rice Summer Salad

    1 cup wild rice
    3 cups water
    3 T extra virgin olive oil
    2 T fresh lemon juice
    2 tsp honey
    1/2 tsp sea salt
    1/2 tsp pepper
    1 1/2 Granny Smith apple
    1/2 c dried apricots, chopped
    3 stalks celery
    4 stalks green onion
    1/2 c slivered almonds

    Cook rice for 45 minutes in water. Unlike other rice, wild rice won’t absorb the full 3 cups, so once its cooked to likeness strain in a colander. Mix olive oil, lemon juice, honey, salt and pepper and pour over rice. Mix to coat. Chop fruit and veggies and toss with the rice. Simple, fresh, crisp and delish!

    I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday. What food is your state/city known for? If you don’t know try searching it. You may get a little surprise, like discovering that Utah’s state snack is Jell-O (and I did not make that up!) 🙂


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    What’s On The Menu This Week?

    Happy Monday morning to you!! I hope you enjoyed a beautiful summer weekend. I certainly did. After a whirlwind schedule last week it was nice to be agenda-free finally. Friday night was the perfect recipe for unwinding: a bottle of red wine and a very carb-o-licious dinner in. Me and the sweetie cooked spaghetti carbonara. Fabulous.. pancetta, pecorino.. say no more… I know, I had you at pancetta. 😉 Good food really is about simple, high quality ingredients, and love. Yes, cooking is definitely from the heart.

    Saturday was my first run in 4 days. Four days!! You know that butterfly feeling you get when you wake up on the day you’re leaving for vacation? Yeah, I felt like that Saturday morning. I couldn’t wait to lace up my Brooks and hit the road. However, my long run was cut a bit short due to the heat. Boo, but if I know one thing about running its listen to your body. If it doesn’t feel good don’t force it.  I still have plenty of time before my marathon.

    SO, a Saturday run followed by dinner with the girls and a bachelorette party.. and party we did! Sunday was the perfect lazy day: saw Dinner with Schmucks, had dinner out, and got plenty of maxin’ and relaxin’ in. By last night it was finally time to get ready for this inevitable Monday morning. Meal planning.

    Summer, so it seems, is such a busy time of year. Lots of vacationing, social gatherings; all that fun in the sun leaves meals up to chance. I find that when I’m not meal planning I am either (a) over shopping/overspending (just grabbing what looks good and then it goes bad before I get to it) or (b) eating out more because I haven’t shopped/planned dinner. Not to mention I think I’m drinking more in the summer. A cold beer or glass of Chardonnay just sound so refreshing when basking in the sun. If you are like me, it’s easy to put on a few pounds when enjoying life, family and friends. The key is putting the breaks on before you feel like you’ve lost control. So, hello, this is my checkpoint. Hence, I am definitely meal planning this week, and I recommend you do too!

    One advantage to meal planning is that you can look at your whole day and access whether or not you’re getting enough of the right nutrition. Don’t know what’s right for you? Check MyPyramid Plan on the USDA website. As a dietetics student I have found this site to be an excellent resource. In general, a healthy balanced diet consists of 50-60% carbs, 20-30% protein, 20% healthy fats (nuts, plants, plant oils). Side note, this may come as a surprise, but most Americans far exceed their daily protein need. Ppssstt… you don’t need a piece of meat to be the center of your dinner place. Carbs are yummy too! Since my breakfasts consists of oats, oats and more oats (I ❤ oatmeal bigtime), I mainly look at lunch, dinner and snacks. The goal is to have a larger breakfast and lunch, with something lighter for dinner, like soup or salad. Often times I don’t get around to dinner until 8pm or later, and it’s not good to go to bed on a full stomach. If this is your schedule too I recommend heartier snacks during the day like 2oo-300 calories of high protein with complex carbs. Some of my favorite snack ideas are posted here.

    As follows, my tentative meal plan this Monday-Friday..


    • Breakfast: Oats w/ blackberries and cream
    • Lunch: Lentil soup w/a dollop of Greek yogurt stirred in (Food Network magazine Sept 2010)

    • Dinner: Thai chicken skewers and wild rice (Recipe here. Only I added eggplant this time)


    • Breakfast: Oats w/honey and walnuts
    • Lunch: Arugula salad w/NY steak strips and shaved Parmesan (1T olive oil)
    • Dinner: Eating @ Italian pizzeria.. maybe a margherita pizza and a glass of red wine. Indulge. 🙂


    • Breakfast: Oats w/ pumpkin butter, sliced apple and cinnamon
    • Lunch: Grilled chicken,wild rice & apricot salad (Recipe to follow. I haven’t made it yet, but shopping is done!)
    • Dinner: Lentil soup w/Greek yogurt


    • Breakfast: Oats w/ blackberries and cream
    • Lunch: Thai chicken skewers and wild rice

    • Dinner: Arugula salad with NY steak strips and parmesan


    • Breakfast: Oats w/ blackberries and cream
    • Lunch: Grilled chicken,wild rice and apricot salad
    • Dinner: To be determined.. it is after all the weekend by now!

    So with that, hopefully it will be a well-balanced week. Snacks including hummus with raw veggies, apples, plums and almond butter. Mmmm. I also scheduled my runs in my calendar. Nothing puts priority on a work out like jotting it in the Blackberry.

    What’s your strategy for meal planning/grocery shopping? If you’re cooking for one, how do you manage leftovers without eating the same thing all week? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, if you need help brainstorming drop me an email. It’s what I love to do. 🙂


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    Revisiting Darigold Creamers

    I’d like to repost this Darigold coffee creamer piece since I was interviewed on New Day Northwest yesterday to discuss it. Natural ingredients, and naturally delicious. You can see the video here.

    Goooood morning world!!! So I haven’t shared this with y’all yet, but last week I went to Darigold and participated in sensory testing for some new chocolate milk products hitting the market. What a tasty job. I went in hungry, and left feeling mighty fine. Mmmm… chocolate milk. YUM! 😀

    Something I loved about Darigold is that they have a product line simply meant for indulging (incredibly rich, high fat, irresistible, once-in-a-great-while kind of indulgences), while primarily developing products for everyday healthy, conscious eating… and their website has oodles of recipes I can’t wait to try. Warning **recipes call for real butter** 😉 Since I’ve learned that good cooking requires using only the best ingredients, I don’t shy away from using real products anymore, especially since they contain more natural ingredients, and less of that chemical garbage. So when it comes to Darigold, another thing I love is that their products contain no high fructose corn syrup or trans-fat, way to go Darigold!

    True confession here: I have been hooked on sugar-free French Vanilla coffee creamer since I don’t know when. I love it. I have a brand ( the unmentionable), and it gets my morning started right. The only problem is.. it’s fake. It’s a non-dairy creamer with partially-hydrogenated soybean oil listed as the second ingredient (right after water), and next is corn syrup. I know there is no avoiding the two. They’re everywhere. But if I can limit my intake at home I’ll be a lot  better off.

    Thanks to the media, we’ve all heard about how HFCS and trans-fats are the enemy. Both are linked to causes of the current obesity epidemic, Type 2 diabetes, and trans-fats also significantly increase risk for heart disease. Yikes! So in an effort to move away from that, I am giving up my non-dairy creamer for the real McCoy. Darigold has a new product on the market. It’s real half and half, with only 4 ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, and flavoring. Look for it in the cold case next to all the non-dairy creamers. Its pretty delish, and I would recommend making the switch. For more on trans-fats and HFCS look for my upcoming post on Elite Nutrition.

    Well that’s how I’m starting my Monday morning. What about yours? Do you take cream with your coffee?


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    S’more Indulgence For Your Camping Pleasure

    Go ahead, treat yourself this weekend! Are these not the cutest little brownies you ever saw? Before you read any further I should warn you that I did not attempt to cut any corners. These babies are full fat, real sugar, and all that jazz. And yes, they are ooh soo worth it!

    Since my special someone has a boys weekend ahead, and they’re headed off into the wilderness. I thought it would be so much fun to pack campfire s’mores. It totally takes me back to the days of growing up camping. (That and hotdogs, but there is just no way I’m making anyone hotdogs. Sorry, but I draw the line at mystery meat. Maybe a brauts.) Okay, side rant over, end point is that graham crackers + chocolate + marshmallows = heaven on the palate.

    So when I “bing” searched s’more brownies I found that there are quite a few variations. (and here I thought I was the first to ever think of it) 😉 Since I’m all about making them look Martha Stewarty I went with this recipe from Food Network. Followed it to a T, except, P.S. It is super tricky to cut them up without stretching out the marshmellow tops. I would maybe freeze them before cutting next time.. just a thought. I also doubled the cookie crust, because that’s the best part as far as I’m concerned. Another thing I’ve learned in baking: don’t substitute to make it ‘healthy’. Whole wheat flour, baking sweeteners, egg beaters, or any other clever substitutions just ruin a good thing. Bake it, love it, and if you’re really worried about calories eat a salad for dinner.

    Next on the agenda, GIVEAWAY. Congrats to Gene! As a runner who loves your flapjacks I hope you’ll give this Uncle Sam’s pancake recipe a whirl. Enjoy..

    Well that’s it everybody. Short and sweet today. I’m headed home to see the family for the weekend. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend full of good fun and devine eats. Come back Monday, and we’ll talk about meal planning for the conscious eater.. because I don’t know about you, but a weekend with the fam definitely constitutes needing a week of food-coma recovery. Ciaooo..


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    Barbecue Pizza and Follow Friday.. on Thursday!

    “Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have”

    It really is the simple things isn’t it? This has been an especially fabulous week for me.. and for no particular reason. 🙂  BUT I can say that I spent one night this week cooking dinner with my very best girlfriends, eating pizza and drinking wine, talking and laughing, perfect night. I am also headed home to visit mom and the grandparents this weekend, soo looking forward to that!

    As for the pizza, we just threw the dough straight on the grill and load it up with roasted goodies. Piece of cake. Ours had roasted tomatoes, eggplant, shiitake mushrooms, red bell pepper, purple onion, mozarella and basil. Mmm.. I got the idea from Food Network magazine July/August 2010. I don’t subscribe to any cooking magazines mainly because I like to get cooking ideas from my lovely blogger friends, BUT if I stand in a grocery line for more than 2 minutes I find a magazine that I just can’t live without.. thus it joins my cookbook/magazine collection in the pantry, and I do go back to them from time to time. Do you subscribe to any cooking magazines? What’s your primary inspiration in the kitchen? 

    Seeing how tomorrow is #Follow Friday (I guess this isn’t Twitter. Who needs the hash?) I wanted to get a jump start and share a few blogs that have made me smile, or straight up laugh out loud this week:

    • Ms. Rachel at Shedding It and Getting It .. SO real, inspirations, and sometimes down right inappropriate, but I love it. Congrats on the new job!
    • Estela at Weekly Bites .. you make being a stay at home look like so much fun! I love M’s photos, and the fact that you’re canning, pickeling, and making homemade popsicles this summer. Also, it’s good to see how a mom balances fitness with all the other demands of life.
    • Mellisa at A Fit and Spicy Life.. sounds like you had a fabulous weekend cooking with friends in a city I love, Chicago. I agree, there’s nothing better than good friends, food and wine
    • That Girl in Italy.. yes, I occasionally stalk those who are living my fairytale. Don’t judge.
    • Kathy at Food Lover’s Odyssey.. I also stalk those eating their way thru Italy. This blog has some of my favorite recipes. The craziest thing about this post… I saw someone I knew in a photo!! Background story: I was in Italy June 2007 with my grandparents. We had lunch in a little restaurant off the beaten path. I literally poked my head into a window full of sailors, saw seafood and that’s where we ate. I even posted pictures recently of my first gnocchi experience which was there. Well Kathy posted pictures of the same little sailor man from her recent visit to Cinque Terra! Wierd or what?? It is a small, small world!

    My photos from 2007..

    Kathy @ Food Lover’s Odyssey’s photos from 2010..

    Chef Ciak

    Seafood Antipasto Bar in Liguria

    That man hasn’t aged a bit. I just can’t get over the coincidence. What are the chances that I follow a stranger’s blog, she was in the same restaurant as I was 3 years ago, AND we both took pictures of the sailor man and the sardine bar?! Bizzarre-o. Have you ever spotted someone or somewhere you recognized in a random block post? If so, do tell..

    Well that’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ll have the winner of Uncle Sam’s original cereal. Get ready for pancake mania!! Also, I’m really excited about some sweet treats I’m making for the weekend. I can’t wait to share so be sure to check back. Happy Thursday ya’ll..


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    Pancakes for Runners

    These whole-grain flapjacks are the perfect carb-load, post-run meal, or just great for anyone needing a fiberful meal packed with antiinflammatory Omega-3’s. As I get further into my marathon training, running 16, 18, 20 mile days, I find nutrition to be of the utmost importance. The ideal runner’s diet consists of 65% carbs, 25% protein, and 10% good fats. So while “dieters” (tisk, tisk) run from carbs, I’m saying “bring on the bread”!! Whole-grain that is. 😉

    One thing to keep in mind: all carbs are not created equal. White bread, enriched grains, and ‘carby junk foods’ are going to make your blood sugar spike, followed by your energy level plummeting, and ultimately leave your body unnourished. The key is taking in complex carbs (whole grains, fiber, eccetera).

    I was recently introduced to Uncle Sam’s Original whole-wheat cereal. These toasted flakes and flaxseed make all the difference in the nutritional value of my pancakes. They are so good that its like having dessert for breakfast, and yet so good for you that you just might turn them into a family favorite. Uncle Sam’s boasts 100% whole-grain with 10g fiber, and Omega-3’s in every serving. That is a whole lot of goodness..

    Uncle Sam Flapjacks
    1 cup whole-wheat flour (Bob’s Red Mill cake flour preferred)
    1 cup Uncle Sam’s Original whole-wheat cereal
    1 1/4 tsp Splenda
    1/2 tsp salt
    2 eggs
    1 1/2 cup nonfat milk
    2 T olive oil

    Mix dry ingredients first, seperately mix wet ingredients and integrate into dry mix slowly. Heat your griddle before pouring batter out, and turn when the edges are crisp. For topping, its blackberry season here so I’ve been warming fresh berries are drizzling them over my pancakes, no sugar or syrup necessary.

    Now for the disclaimer, truth be told I couldn’t make a pretty pancake to save my life. I even tried pouring the batter into cookie cutters. It seemed brilliant to get the perfect round, or fun shaped pancake.. that was until they started sticking to the cookie cutters and making a mess. Uffa! Absolutely delish, but not my prettiest food photo. What’s your secret to picture perfect pancakes?

    Its GIVEAWAY time! Would you like to recieve a box of Uncle Sam’s Original whole-wheat cereal? Just tweet or blog about the giveaway, and be sure to leave a comment telling me your favorite way to have pancakes. 

    Giveaway ends Thursday, August 5 2010, 5pm PST.


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